Myler Bits is collaboratively run by three brothers, but was originally started by just one of them. Ron Myler, who worked for many years with the general public as a professional cutting trainer came up with the original bit designs and started the business. As part of his job as a cutting trainer he was constantly designing and refining custom bridal bits for the horses that he trained. Over the years, as he tested many different variants of bits with many different horses, he developed a deep understanding of how the bit’s design could affect the clarity of the rider’s communication with the horse and therefore its performance. Every time he designed a new bit, Ron had two primary goals (these remain the same today), which were:

  • Encourage a Relaxed State – The bit should be designed in such a way that allows the horse to relax, as in this state they are able to focus much better on what you are attempting to teach them. Many traditional bits, due to the way in which they fit into the mouth and the way they function, cause the horse a significant amount of stress and create nervous tension, thus influencing its ability to concentrate. And if it can’t concentrate, it is less likely to do whatever you’re asking.
  • Control the Shoulders – Being able to direct the horse’s shoulders is vital, as it’s the shoulders, not the head or the neck, that horses follow.
Myler brothers on horseback - Dale, Ron, and Bob
Dale, Ron, and Bob Myler

Bob and Dale Myler later joined their brother and became heavily involved in the company. The former had a vast amount of welding and metalwork experience owing to the fact that he was a professional boiler maker and largely took over the manufacturing of the bits due to this expertise. He has also since designed many of the bits that are available as part of the Myler range today. Dale, also an experienced horse trainer, had conducted a lot of his own research into equine dentistry and physiology, collaborating with qualified equine dentists, veterinarians, medical surgeons, human chiropractors and experts in Chinese medicine. This knowledge has been invaluable in ensuring the Myler bitting system is perfectly tailored to the equine mouth. What started out as three brothers using their skills, experience and passion to create a superior quality bit has grown into a world renowned brand that is now used by thousands of riders all over the world