Myler HBT Shank with Sweet Iron Forward Tilt Ported Barrel


Stainless Steel 5″ HBT Shank with Sweet Iron Forward Tilt Ported Barrel (MB 36, Level 2-3) Copper Inlay

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The Myler 5″ HBT Shank with Forward Tilted Ported Barrel Mouthpiece (MB 36) is a Level 2-3 Myler bit and is produced from stainless steel. The wide load port on the mouthpiece measures 1″ and it also features a forward tilt at a 45 degree angle, which allows the rider to offer tongue relief without losing the ability to apply pressure when required. Further, the mouthpiece is produced from polished sweet iron, which oxidizes when it comes into contact with moisture in the horse’s mouth, releasing a sweet taste. It also possesses a copper inlay placed on the interior section of the bars to encourage salivation. The 7/16″ bars themselves feature a pronounced curve which makes swallowing more comfortable.

It is available in three different sizes (4.75″, 5″ and 5.5″) and it has been crafted according to the renowned Myler philosophy, incorporating a number of innovative features (such as their patented Independent Swivel Cheek Purchase) as well as ergonomic design elements to facilitate communication between horse and rider and minimize distractions that can hinder performance.

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4.75", 5", 5.5"